Course Feedback


“I would like to thank Heather for her knowledge and expertise and sharing all the important information with us. It was a fantastic course and would highly recommend to colleagues.” (Head of Lower School, Assistants Course, 2024)

“A truly brilliant course. I have been on many courses over the years and I have to say this has been one of the best. A great balance between theory and practical and it was so nice to bring all our learning together at the end to apply to a relevant patient scenario.” (Physiotherapy Assistant, 2023)

“The course was talked about for the whole of last week and has been described as ‘the most  brilliant course I have ever been on’”    (Physiotherapist who organised training for her staff)

“Thank you very much for coming to Hillside to lead the hydrotherapy training. Everyone who took part said that they had learnt so much and had really enjoyed the training. I have never read such overwhelmingly positive evaluation forms – ‘excellent’, ‘absolutely brilliant’, ‘superb’ were frequently mentioned”   (Sue Upson, Headteacher – Hillside Special School, Suffolk)

“I’m inspired to get back and consolidate what I have learnt”  (Physio attending Hydro for Adults with Learning Disabilities)

“This was very applicable to our children and will make an enormous difference to them. It will be great to add some of these activities to MOVE programmes”  (Teacher)

“Excellent, met all my expectations and more”  (Physiotherapist)

“I would recommend this course to anyone who has to deal with disabled children in water”  (Teacher)

“Very clear instructions, immediate feedback enabling me to get the moves/handling correct”

“Good mixture of practical activities, group work, lectures and discussion”

“Excellent – clear, informative, open to questions, realistic, professional” (a comment in relation to teaching methods)

“Very informative handouts – it was good not to just get a print out of the powerpoint!”