Training FAQ’s

Where do you run courses?

Heather runs courses in Reigate, Surrey. Please see the Course Schedule for future courses.   These courses are  largely  arranged depending on amount of interest so if you would like to attend a future course  please email to let us know and we will add you to our waiting list and let you know as soon as the next one is organised.

Will you host a course at our location?

Yes, Heather will travel to you to teach, accommodation may be required if it is impractical to travel to and from your location on the same day. Heather normally runs 1 or 2 day courses which are half classroom-based and half in the pool. She will train up to 12 people (depending on the size of your pool) and provides a comprehensive handout and certificate for each participant. She will devise a programme specifically around your needs looking at the type of clients you work with and the previous training and experience of your staff. 

There are a number of benefits of holding a course at your location including:

  •   You may be able to teach more staff for the same cost as sending a few staff on an external course.
  •   You will be taught in a familiar environment using your own pool and equipment. Pools vary in their design such as depth, rail placement and height of steps which can impact on how techniques are taught.
  •   Your staff remains on-site and are available if needed unexpectedly.
  •   You may be able to problem solve in the water with your own clients or children.
  •   Heather can help you to design a programme that meets the needs of your staff even if the group is very diverse. For example she has taught groups that have included a mixture of Physiotherapist’s, Physiotherapy Assistants, Teachers, OT’s and SALT’s.
  •   As a team following completion of the course, you will be able to practice and critique techniques together which will enhance your skills. 

We only have the use of our pool for one day of a two day training course. Can you do theory on one day, practical on the other?

This is not ideal as you will spend too long in the pool at any one time, and the effects of fatigue will become apparent due to the physiological effects of immersion in heated water.

Heather’s programmes are designed in order that practical pool activities follow on from short sessions in the classroom. This not only maintains your interest but importantly allows you to practice what you have just learnt in theory. We will be happy to discuss your particular arrangements with you but perhaps it would be feasible to run two separate one-day courses so that the pool can be used on both occasions.

We cannot access our Hydrotherapy pool for training, but we can use a local pool which will be colder, is this OK?

It is not ideal when the water temperature is too cold as you will spend time stationary when watching techniques being demonstrated. When we have taught in cold pools it has been necessary for participants to swim or exercise continuously throughout the day in order to keep warm and inevitably less time may be spent in the water.

Do I have to have completed a foundation or Halliwick course before coming on your training?

No, however it is important to provide details of your training and experience so that we can ensure you are on the correct course and Heather can tailor the course for you

Are you an accredited Tutor?

Yes. Heather has completed the ATACP (previously known as HACP) Teacher’s course. She also presents at ATACP study days.

Do you offer courses suitable for Occupational Therapists (OT’s) and Speech and Language Therapists (SALTs)?

Although my courses are not specifically aimed at these staff groups, increasingly more OT’s and SALT’s have been attending my training sessions. They show particular interest in areas such as intensive interaction and communication in water, motor skills for children with co-ordination stability and balance problems, dyspraxia, ASD and techniques that facilitate function and life skills.

Do you offer basic life saving and emergency evacuation training?

No Heather does not offer life saving training.

She will advise on emergency evacuation especially around the issues that present when clients have complex needs. Practical training however needs to be undertaken in your own venue under the guidance of a manual handling advisor.

During your training course will you cover all the techniques demonstrated on your DVD’s?

It would not be feasible to cover all the techniques featured in the DVD’s during one course. It is important to learn a core set of techniques well and spend time practising them, using the DVD’s to build on and develop your range of skills.

We have a new pool can you advise us on developing policies and procedures as part of the training?

Yes, Heather provides a consultancy service in this area.

For any other queries please email